How Telos leads the way in sustainability with its ESG compliant blockchain

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Discover the ecological benefits of Telos and why ESG matters for a sustainable future

With the COP26 right around the corner and the climate crisis seemingly accelerating as we have seen  over this summer, it is a great time for us to explore the ecological benefits of the Telos blockchain.

An energy efficient blockchain

Telos is the most energy efficient blockchain today thanks to the Telos Core Devs team making sure every single bit of resource is used as efficiently as possible. They aim to have each line of their code as optimized as possible and hence requiring as little hardware as possible to run.

Block Producers using renewable power and offsetting their carbon footprint

Additionally to the great energy efficiency of our transactions, those low hardware requirements also make it easier for our Block Producers to use renewable energies, some of them already are ! And with Telos' governance tools - like our Decide Voter app - letting the community vote for those Block Producers, this makes Telos THE greenest blockchain today as well as one of the only ESG compliant cryptos ! Some of our Block Producers are also  offsetting their carbon footprint entirely, you can track the trees they are planting directly on the blockchain !

Who said cryptocurrencies couldn't be sustainable for our planet ?!

Native dApps developed to help answer climate change


SEEDS offers tools to help you, your business and your movement regenerate our planet and encourage collaboration, cooperation and community building. They are changing the way we assign and distribute value.

You can find out more about them on their website.


The Kanda Weather Group is a Block Producer that is running a program focused on getting atmospheric data in vulnerable rural areas and saving it to the blockchain to help farmers predict the weather as well as get rewarded for their eventual participation. They have successfully launched several of their balloons already and are planning to ramp up their efforts !

Visit their Medium Blog to learn more.


LocalScale is an organization focusing on the development of resilient and sustainable local economies through the use of technology, science and regenerative activities. To achieve this, LocalScale offers an inclusive, free-to-access organization and platform that will promote the creation and use of local products, that will provide local economic alternatives to traditional financial systems, that will foster local entrepreneurship and local communities while advocating for social equality and justice.

Visit their website to learn more

Ecological challenges often come with societal and governance issues. Built on our ESG blockchain, is a whole ecosystem made of several dApps trying to make a change, environmentally, socially or in governance methods, you can find out about all of them over on our recently updated dApps in our ecosystem page.

Telos, the leading ESG compliant blockchain

ESG stands for Environmental Social Governance. It is a kind of investment that requires companies to be socially conscious, have proper & transparent governance mechanisms as well as a product that is sustainable for our planet. Thanks to its energy efficiency, community & governance tools Telos is fully compliant with that !

Telos is the leading ESG cryptocurrency today which puts it on track to help lead our way to a more sustainable future ! For more information refer to our Telos is the ESG blockchain page.