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The agency has chosen the Telos blockchain to mint its first-ever NFT collection in the fight against human trafficking.

It is with great pleasure that we announce Unbound Now, a non-profit organization that fights human trafficking, has announced the launch of its new NFT collection. The collection, which mints on the Telos blockchain, will help Unbound raise funds to support its noble work. In addition, the collection also aims to build the Unbound community and help educate the masses about human trafficking — one of the fastest-rising criminal organizations in the world that has claimed over 50 million victims.

Fighting for Freedom

Unbound Now has emerged as a leading organization in the battle against human trafficking. Since its inception a decade ago, the initiative has assisted over 1000 survivors, empowered 24,000 adolescents, and trained 22,000 professionals. However, its work remains ongoing until communities worldwide are free from the perils of human trafficking.

Unbound Now continues to fight the good fight by offering focused assistance for survivors and resources to communities against human trafficking. In addition, the group maintains offices in the United States and several other nations. Every community has distinct requirements and preferences, and Unbound Now will be able to offer the appropriate assistance by deploying personnel locally.

Mint Details

The upcoming Telos x Unbound Now NFT collection features 439 unique digital assets that represent a survivor saved by Unbound Now in 2021. These NFTs will serve as a reminder and symbol of hope for victims caught in this malicious industry. They will also fund Unbound Now’s quest to save them.

The mint price for each NFT is 120 TLOS. Holders will also receive additional educational material and exclusive social media assets enabling them to display their support for Unbound at a future date.

We will update our community through Telos’ socials channels with the official minting date for the Unbound Now collection — stay tuned!

About Unbound Now

Founded in 2012, Unbound Now is a network of anti-human trafficking agencies working in communities in the United States and around the world. Although the work of each Unbound Now location is unique, depending on the needs of its community, Unbound Now has three main lines of effort.

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