Alchemy Pay Integrates Telos on On-Ramp for Direct $TLOS Purchase

May 10, 2024
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Alchemy Pay has integrated $TLOS into their On-Ramp solution, further simplifying the process of acquiring $TLOS for users.

What is Alchemy Pay? 

Alchemy Pay's acts as a payment gateway, connecting crypto with traditional fiat currencies. Their Ramp feature enables easy buying and selling of crypto, allowing you to make purchases with your credit card, local mobile wallet and even bank transfers. 

How to Buy TLOS with Alchemy Pay?

With Alchemy Pay's On-Ramp seamlessly integrated into Telos, users can conveniently purchase $TLOS through the Telos Buy page and Alchemy Pay's ramp page. 

Telos Page:

Alchemy Page:

Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, mobile wallets, and domestic bank transfers, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

For a deeper dive, view the following tutorial:

What Makes Alchemy Pay Unique?

  • The Ramp, an integral feature of Alchemy Pay, facilitates the buying and selling of crypto and fiat, easily adaptable to platforms and dApps according to their needs. 
  • Recognized by both Visa and Mastercard as an authorized third-party service provider, Alchemy Pay boasts credibility in the traditional payment sphere. 
  • Supporting over 50 fiat currencies across 173 countries, plus acquiring licenses in the UK, the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Lithuania, and a recent MTL license in New Hampshire, USA, further solidifies its standing.

Alchemy Pay: A Closer Look

Alchemy Pay provides a range of solutions tailored to meet various payment needs:


The Ramp is a one-stop solution to buy and sell crypto and fiat, easily integrated by platforms and dApps according to requirements. 

NFT Checkout: 

The NFT Checkout enables direct purchases of NFTs using fiat payment methods. 

Crypto Card Solution 

The Crypto Card solution empowers businesses and token issuers to provide users with branded virtual and physical cards for instant global spending.


ACH is the Alchemy Pay network token on Ethereum blockchain.

In Conclusion:

The collaboration between Alchemy Pay and Telos enhances accessibility to $TLOS, simplifying the acquisition process and ensuring a seamless transaction experience for users.

For developers interested in integration, inquiries can be made via the website. Explore Alchemy Pay’s On & Off-Ramp to buy and sell crypto and local fiat currencies today:

Stay updated with Alchemy Pay's latest developments across various social media channels:







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