How Ormi Enhances On-chain Data Indexing for Telos

June 10, 2024
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We're elevating data management on Telos with the new Ormi integration, offering Subgraph hosting through their 0xgraph product.

Ormi brings advanced data indexing and querying capabilities to the Telos ecosystem, empowering developers with robust and reliable data infra.

What is Ormi Labs?

Ormi is the unified data layer for Web3 & beyond. Put simply, Ormi’s goal is to index all of the world's blockchain data and make it accessible through a single interoperable data layer. This is currently done so through a suite of products:

0xgraph: Nimble, on-edge data APIs that are 100% compatible with the Graph Protocol, optimized for real-time data and composability; supercharges the most time-critical decentralized trading and finance experiences.

0xdb: Heavy duty SQL blockchain data engine, ideally suited for applications that require large data volumes, such as machine learning, AI, LLM, custom analytics, and Quantitative Trading.

How Does This Partnership Enhance Telos Developer Experience?

Faster Data Access: Over 1,000 Queries per Second

Ormi's 0xgraph service allows for incredibly fast querying of blockchain data. It can handle over 1,000 data requests per second with very low latency (the time it takes to respond). This means that applications built on Telos will be able to access the data they need quickly and efficiently, leading to better performance and user experience.

Reliable Data Retrieval: Avoiding Downtime

Ormi ensures that data retrieval is not only fast but also highly reliable. Their systems are designed to avoid downtime, meaning that developers can always count on having access to up-to-date and accurate data. This reliability is crucial for building applications that need to function smoothly at all times.

Ease of Use: Plug and Play Deployment

With Ormi, deploying and managing subgraphs is straightforward. The integration offers "plug and play" deployment, which means developers can easily set up and migrate their data services without hassle. This simplicity encourages more developers to build on Telos, knowing that they have access to top-tier data management tools.

All Telos-related Subgraphs can be found here:


The partnership between Telos and Ormi Labs marks a significant step forward for the Telos blockchain. By providing advanced, reliable, and easy-to-use data management tools, this integration enhances the overall developer experience and encourages the creation of high-performance, innovative applications. This is a win for developers and users alike.

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