Steer Protocol Brings On-Chain Automation and Liquidity Management on Telos

May 7, 2024
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Telos is proud to announce its strategic integration with Steer Protocol, providing holistic infrastructure to facilitate robust on-chain automation development, distribution, and launch. 

Steer’s flagship product, Smart Pools built on top of Steer infrastructure, powers automated liquidity management for 1250+ concentrated liquidity pools across 26+ blockchains and 25+ AMMs. This partnership is part of our continuous effort to create a composable and innovative decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem on Telos while expanding functionality for an enhanced user experience.

Steer’s principal offering, Smart Pools, is renowned for facilitating Permissionless, non-custodial automated liquidity management with multi-position data-driven strategies. This leads to better liquidity concentration and more liquidity depth around the current price of any asset, leading to more fees for liquidity providers and less slippage for end traders. This collaboration with Steer is set to significantly enhance the operational capabilities of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and other protocols within the Telos ecosystem.

Highlighting Steer's Unique Features:

Innovative Liquidity Management:

Steer's multi-position liquidity management optimizes liquidity placement across various curves to achieve superior yields.

Advanced Execution Pipeline:

Steer ensures enhanced security and reliability via its unique ALM featuring a fortified execution pipeline with dual consensus mechanisms.

Transparent Ecosystem:

Steer provides a transparent and accessible environment where users can more effortlessly deploy market-making strategies. 

Diverse Strategy Selection:

Steer supports a broad spectrum of token strategies, including but not limited to LSD, stable, and pegged, meeting the diverse needs of the market.

Revenue Sharing:

Steer fosters a collaborative community by sharing a third of its revenue with strategy creators.

Strategy Development and Backtesting Kits:

Steer’s comprehensive Strategy Development Kit allows users to construct custom strategies in various programming languages. Furthermore, the Steer Backtesting Kit verifies the accuracy of these strategies with more than 95% reliability, by simulating authentic trading conditions for the best performance evaluation.

Why Telos Chose Steer:

Telos’ integration with Steer addresses critical infrastructure bottlenecks that impede the development of data-intensive on-chain applications. Steer’s comprehensive infrastructure, which integrates compute, data, and application layers, is perfectly aligned with our vision for Telos to become a leading hub for liquidity and empower developers to craft more data-driven and structured products for Telos users.

Expected Impact on the Telos Ecosystem:

Steer will play a crucial role in transforming the landscape for builders, protocol managers, and retail participants within the Telos ecosystem. The initial focus will be on enhancing the efficiency of AMM solutions on Telos-operated decentralized exchanges like Swapsicle, thereby attracting greater liquidity and improving transactional efficiency.

Stay Connected:

We invite our community to stay informed about the benefits this integration will bring. 

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