Strategic Partnership Announcement: Telos Foundation and Atka

March 7, 2024
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The Telos Foundation is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Atka, a Paris-based Web3 incubator. This collaboration aims to foster deeper connections between the Telos blockchain ecosystem and the Ethereum community in France and Europe. The partnership is expected to enhance the visibility and adoption of Telos' innovative blockchain solutions, while also facilitating access to new funding and networking opportunities for projects within the Telos ecosystem.

Overview of Telos and Atka


Established in 2018, Atka has emerged as a prominent Web3 incubator, supporting a range of successful projects that have significantly contributed to the Web3 space. Among these are Mangrove, PlayMakers, and Morpho, with Morpho notably surpassing $2 billion USD in Total Value Locked (TVL) through its Lending Optimizer and the introduction of Morpho Blue.

Telos Foundation

The Telos Foundation oversees the Telos blockchain network, a decentralized ecosystem known for its advanced technological infrastructure. The network features Telos Zero, Telos EVM, and the upcoming zkEVM gaming sidechain K2-18, highlighting Telos' commitment to innovation in blockchain technology. Additionally, the Telos infrastructure includes SNARKtor, a novel protocol that enables efficient and scalable proof aggregation, further advancing the network's capabilities.

Partnership Objectives

The strategic partnership between the Telos Foundation and Atka is driven by a shared goal of advancing the Web3 ecosystem. By combining Telos' robust technological infrastructure and Atka's expertise in incubating high-potential Web3 projects, the collaboration aims to achieve the following objectives:

Expand Telos' Presence in Europe: 

The partnership will leverage Atka's strong network within the French and European Ethereum communities to increase awareness and adoption of Telos' technology.

Facilitate Access to Funding and Networking: 

Projects within the Telos ecosystem are expected to benefit from new funding opportunities and enhanced networking prospects, further stimulating growth and innovation.

Drive Technological Advancements:

 By collaborating on various initiatives, Telos and Atka aim to foster the development of cutting-edge blockchain solutions, benefiting the broader Web3 community.

Recent Developments and Future Plans

The Telos Foundation has recently welcomed new key members to its team and has continued to rapidly onboard developer partners. The ecosystem now supports approximately 100 decentralized applications (dApps) and has achieved over $100 million USD in TVL.

This partnership arrives at a time when Telos has been experiencing significant growth and innovation, including the development of new blockchain technologies and the expansion of its ecosystem. Both organizations have commenced planning initiatives aimed at promoting Telos in France and connecting investors with promising projects built on the Telos network.

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About The Telos Foundation
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