TCD Chronicle: February 2024

March 12, 2024
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What's New on Telos

A Word From the TCD’s Head of ZK Technologies — Alberto Garoffolo

In February we published the SNARKtor whitepaper developed over the last few months in collaboration with IOG. SNARKtor is a fully decentralized protocol that massively scales on-chain SNARKs verification by leveraging recursive proof composition. The protocol is designed to inherit the level of decentralization of the underlying chain, incentivizing an ecosystem of actors to cooperate in all the protocol phases. The design also introduces a new fast-proof gossiping protocol that can be used by the network to scale the throughput further.
This research is the first important milestone that will be followed by a new exciting development phase and further research activity expanding on this topic. In parallel, we completed the analysis on the most computationally efficient ways to wrap and verify in circuit the ZKVM base proofs we envision using. In this regard, we also already implemented the changes to the ZKVM to make its proofs more recursively efficient, (for example in a Plonky2 circuit). 
In addition to these accomplishments, we have already started developing the ZKVM verifier using the Plonky2 core primitives. This is the first step that will allow us to develop the wrap circuit more easily. In March we expect to continue the development of the proof verifier while simultaneously supporting the marketing activities around the whitepaper. 

A Word From the TCD’s Head of Engineering — Jesse Schulman

A lot of progress in February behind the scenes, and great progress across all the ZK efforts (both zkEVM as well as the SNARKtor whitepaper).  The finalization of 1.5 data sets and necessary features for the upcoming mainnet contract deployment are now complete.  New strategic changes to Teloscan are in the works and looking very nice so far. 

While 1.5 nears release, the progress on the 2.0 version is heating up!  We have been able to import millions of TelosEVM blocks and transactions into the reth Ethereum client and continue to progress towards a full sync to our head block.  It is very exciting to see this new architecture come to life as it will greatly improve TelosEVM across the board.
K2-18 zkEVM as well as the TelosEVM 2.0 are top priorities for the TCD and while great progress is being made, we are looking to accelerate delivery via both direct hire to grow the team as well as strategic partnerships with industry leaders who can assist with the development.
Lastly, we have been working on some new options for bridging TLOS via the LayerZero based bridge.  These changes are complete and a release is being coordinated; we’re looking forward to seeing that go live!

TCD Roadmap 2024—

The strategic roadmap for 2024 was unveiled during our second town hall meeting, where we showcased the notable progress being made towards achieving our essential milestones. This year promises to bring about significant advancements in four critical domains: the Scalable Proof Protocol, K2-18 (our zkEVM gaming chain), Telos EVM + Telos Zero, and Blockchain-as-a-Service (BAAS). 

SNARKtor Whitepaper Highlight—

The SNARKtor Whitepaper's February release represents a significant advancement toward enhancing the scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of zero-knowledge technology, facilitating its broader adoption. SNARKtor introduces an innovative approach to scaling ZK-SNARKs, which will enable a variety of new applications and position Telos as a leader in the practical application of zero-knowledge technology. Upon completion, SNARKtor will empower developers to build more complex, privacy-oriented, and secure systems, without compromising on performance or security. This development is a key step towards achieving a massively scalable and flexible blockchain infrastructure.

The SNARKtor Whitepaper is available to read now at: 

For a concise overview, please visit: 

Additionally, Telos’ Head of ZK, Alberto Garoffolo, will present a live session at the ZK Summit on April 10, 2024, in Athens, Greece. This presentation will offer further details about SNARKtor and its impact on blockchain technology.

Telos Integrations — 




MYSO Finance is a decentralized lending protocol specializing in bespoke DeFi loans and fully customizable covered calls for nearly any token.


Oxya Origin


Oxya Origin is developing story-driven shooter, strategy and exploration games linked by a player-owned asset ecosystem and powered by cutting-edge gameplay mechanics featuring procedural AI and blockchain tools developed in incubation at Ubisoft to onboard the next million players.




BlockWallet is a self-custodial Web3 wallet with its number one focus on security. Its user-friendly design makes it a perfect option for newcomers, and its variety of features fully satisfy the needs of crypto experts.



SubQuery is a fast, flexible, and reliable open-source data indexer that provides you with custom APIs for your web3 project across all of their supported chains.

Network Performance

In a continuous commitment to enhance transparency regarding network statistics, the TCD has been monitoring essential metrics. This endeavour will facilitate the recognition of potential trends within Telos blockchain. We plan to expand the range of metrics tracked as time progresses.

Developer Spotlight

The TCD is excited to introduce Rorrie Crocker as the new Technical Project Manager. With a rich background in software development and a profound expertise in blockchain technology, Rorrie is set to play a pivotal role in steering the Telos Core Developers towards new heights of innovation and success. Below, we delve into his academic credentials, professional journey, and the unique qualities he brings to Telos.

Academic Foundations 🎓

Degree in Computer Science from Newcastle University, United Kingdom.

Rorrie's academic background provides him with a solid foundation in theoretical and practical aspects of computer science, essential for understanding and solving complex technical challenges.

Professional Trajectory 💻

Diverse Experience: Rorrie's journey spans various industries, including insurance, gaming, and financial services. This exposure has equipped him with a broad perspective on technology's role in different sectors and the versatility to adapt to new challenges.

Technical Proficiency: Proficient in an array of programming languages and technologies, Rorrie's skill set is both deep and wide, enabling him to tackle complex software development tasks with ease.

Blockchain and Crypto Involvement 🌐

Early Involvement in Cryptocurrency: Having been immersed in cryptocurrency since 2016, Rorrie's passion for blockchain technology led him to launch Swapsicle, a decentralized exchange, marking his full-time commitment to this space.

Expertise in Web3 and DeFi: His experience extends to web3, DeFi, and smart contract development, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of the blockchain ecosystem and its continuous evolution.

Leadership and Team Dynamics 🚀

Proven Leadership: Rorrie has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities by establishing and guiding software development teams to success across different industries.

Team Building Expertise: In addition to his other accomplishments, Rorrie has excelled in building teams from the ground up while fostering collaborative and innovative work environments, essential for achieving shared objectives.

Enhancing Telos’ Core Developers and Overall Vision

Rorrie Crocker's addition to the Telos team is anticipated to bring about significant advancements in the following areas:

Innovation Acceleration:

With his extensive background in software development and blockchain, Rorrie is expected to drive innovation within Telos, keeping it at the forefront of blockchain technology.

Strategic Leadership:

His proven leadership and team-building skills will enhance the cohesion and effectiveness of the Telos Core Developers, ensuring that projects are completed efficiently and to the highest standard.

Diverse Perspective:

Rorrie's experience across multiple sectors provides him with a unique perspective that will aid in the development of versatile and robust solutions, catering to a wide array of challenges within the blockchain space.

Blockchain Expertise:

His deep understanding of DeFi, web3, and smart contracts will contribute to the advancement of Telos' blockchain infrastructure, making it more secure, user-friendly, and versatile.

Rorrie Crocker's blend of technical acumen, leadership prowess, and blockchain expertise positions him as a key asset to Telos. As he steps into his role as Technical Project Manager, the TCD eagerly anticipates the innovation and growth that his guidance will usher in. Welcome aboard, Rorrie!

TCD February Development Updates

Executive Summary

During February, the Telos Core Developers made substantial strides in enhancing our ecosystem's robustness and accessibility. From critical updates to Teloscan, preparing EVM 1.5 for production, to integrating new features in the Telos Bridge and Wallet, each step has been geared towards optimizing the Telos network for developers and users alike. Here are February’s key updates. 

Key Development Updates


  • Network fixes
  • Added ability to filter txs by block number to indexer to be used in future UI work
  • Made significant indexer optimization and stability improvements to handle additional workloads
  • Proxy Contract Interaction on Contract Tab
  • Working on UI/UX Update to Teloscan

EVM 1.5

  • Production build preparation.
  • Fixing of eth_gasEstimate on ERC-20
  • Delivered 1.5 Node Packages to several exchanges to improve Telos network coverage

Telos Bridge

  • SafePal Wallet Support
  • WalletConnect Support
  • Mobile Brave Wallet Support
  • Testnet EVM Faucet

Telos Wallet:

  • Improved network switching through EVM wallet
  • Added ability to deep link transaction table results


  • Testnet Developer Tools UI/UX Update


We remain committed to continuous improvement and are excited to see the impact of these updates on our community and the broader blockchain landscape. 

To explore repos being actively worked on, maintained or being explored by the TCD or to participate in testing or provide feedback on the various tools being worked on, visit: 

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