Telos Integrates with Ankr for Seamless RPC Access

June 11, 2024
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Imagine having the power to interact with the Telos blockchain without the complexity of managing your own nodes – that's the magic of RPCs. We’re excited to announce that Telos has integrated with Ankr, a leading provider of RPC services. 

This integration opens up new possibilities for developers and users by providing seamless access to Telos Public and Premium RPCs. Now, you can make request calls and receive information identical to what you would get by running a node yourself.

About Ankr 

Ankr is an all-in-one Web3 developer hub that provides a full suite of tools to build Web3 apps and power them with high-performance connections to 50+ blockchains. They provide multi-chain dApp development tools, blockchain engineering services, crypto staking solutions, and a globally distributed node infrastructure that makes it all possible. Ankr’s solutions make it easy for anyone to build and earn on Web3 and participate in the crypto economy for a more decentralized, democratic, and user-owned web experience.

Understanding Ankr's New Telos RPC Connections

Ankr offers a geo-distributed Telos RPC network, featuring blockchain nodes running globally to ensure low latency and reliable connections. These Telos RPCs connect your wallet, command-line interface, or dApp directly with the Telos blockchain. Acting as a messenger or router, they relay on-chain information between Telos nodes, chains, and end-users. This allows you to execute tasks such as transactions, populating wallet balances, fetching ownership information, and more.

For developers, Telos RPC endpoints serve as a gateway to interface directly with Telos. This portal facilitates easy and remote communication without the need to manage your own Telos nodes.

Start Building with Telos RPC Endpoints Today

How Do Telos RPCs Benefit Developers?

Telos is known for its high-performance dApps, but accessing Telos node information is crucial for building these applications. Ankr's RPC service addresses several challenges faced by developers:

Simplified Node Operations: Ankr's Telos RPCs eliminate the need for developers to set up their own nodes, saving hours of time spent on building, calibrating, and troubleshooting node issues.

Advanced Tool Access: Ankr's Premium RPC Plan provides instant access to top-notch tools for rapid application development, including:

  • Up to 90,000 Telos requests per minute
  • Dedicated Telos endpoints
  • Prioritized requests
  • Priority support portal
  • WebSockets (WS) capabilities

Enhanced Performance: Connect to a cluster of high-performance nodes that provide the data needed to build and operate applications with Telos chain capabilities.

Getting Started with Your First Telos Call

To start building on the Telos network, visit Ankr's RPC Service and make your first call. Use the Telos endpoint to interact with the chain using standard EVM JSON RPC methods.

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