Telos Evolved 01 Town Hall Recap

December 14, 2023
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Hello Telosians! We've just recently wrapped up an invigorating Telos Evolved Town Hall event, packed with groundbreaking announcements and strategic insights. If you missed the live stream, fear not! We've compiled the key highlights here, ensuring you're fully updated on the exciting trajectory of Telos.

Town Hall Takeaways: Focused on Innovation and Growth

Zero Knowledge Tech Pioneering: Alberto Garoffolo, our Head of Zero Knowledge, shared fascinating insights into our Zero Knowledge initiatives. This included the announcement of our upcoming whitepaper release for our novel ZK enabled scalable proof protocol. We're harnessing this technology to boost scalability, privacy, and compliance – critical factors in mainstream blockchain adoption.

Leadership Evolution: Big news on the leadership front! Lee Erswell has been appointed as the new CEO of Telos, bringing his extensive expertise in operations and strategy to the forefront. Justin Giudici, our former CEO, has transitioned to a strategic role focusing on investor relations and big-picture initiatives, continuing his invaluable contribution to the Telos ecosystem.

One Team, One Vision: In a transformative move led by our new CEO, Lee Erswell, the Telos Foundation and Telos Core Developers are merging into a unified entity. This strategic shift is designed to streamline operations, align goals, and enhance our brand presence. By harmonizing our efforts, we're set to advance Telos more cohesively and effectively, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and progress in the blockchain space.

Revitalizing Telos Gaming: Justin Edwards, our new Head of Gaming, was introduced to the Telos Community. Under Justin’s leadership, Telos gaming is evolving with a focus on nurturing enjoyable, quality-driven games. This approach will not only showcase the capabilities of our technology but also draw in a broader gaming audience to the Telos ecosystem.

The Telos Gaming ZK Enabled Sidechain: Our new gaming sidechain is set to redefine Web3 gaming. We're prioritizing immersive, high-quality gaming experiences, leveraging the sidechain's massively scalable Zero Knowledge Tech & unique features tailored for the gaming community.

The Future of The TLOS Token: Discussions around the TLOS token covered our plans to  introduce greater use cases for the Telos Ecosystem. We're strategizing to enhance the TLOS token’s utility within our ecosystem, transforming it into an Ultra-Active-Asset.

Looking Forward: The Telos Network roadmap for 2024 and beyond was a key topic. Our soon-to-be revealed 2024 roadmap teases a year of tech brilliance, enhanced user experiences, and heightened token utility. We are gearing up for a year of innovation, strategic growth, and community-driven success.

Up Next: December 18th Town Hall 

Mark your calendars! Our next Town Hall on December 18th promises more in-depth discussions and exciting updates, including the reveal of our 2024 roadmap. Stay tuned for another session of insightful dialogues and forward-looking announcements.

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The Telos Foundation Team

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