Telos Evolved 03 Town Hall Recap: Marketing for a Global Community

January 27, 2024
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Our recent Telos Town Hall touched on the global marketing strategy for 2024 which involves a comprehensive 40+ event schedule over the course of the next twelve months. As our product roadmap continues to evolve, the Telos Foundation has developed a comprehensive go-to-market plan that will be focused on bringing Telos to the masses. Here’s a recap to keep you updated on the latest and greatest from Telos.

Full Segment:

Telos EVM + Zero Update:

  • The release of Telos EVM 1.5, consisting of the updated EVM smart contract on Telos Zero, the EVM translator, and a specific database for EVM RPC, is nearing completion with major code revisions and bug eradication.
  • Telos hired two more roles for the TCD (Telos Core Developers): Rory Crocker from the Swapsicle team as TCD project manager and Daniele Di Tullio, a cryptography researcher, as a full-time contributor to the Scalable Proof Protocol (SPP).

Telos Zero Knowledge, Scalable Proof Protocol (SPP) Update:

  • The Telos’ ZK Whitepaper, with technical architecture on the Scalable Proof Protocol (SPP) is currently within a revision state.
  • The anticipated release could be as early as the end of January.
  • The delivery of the project is well underway with significant contributions from new team members joining Alberto Garofollo’s ZK Development team.

ZKEVM Gaming Sidechain – K2-18 Update:

  • Technical direction for the K2-18 ZK EVM gaming sidechain has been scoped and is moving into production.
  • The white paper for K2-18 has been completed and will be published soon, detailing the gaming ecosystem and tokenomics designed in collaboration with a London School of Economics professor.

Tekika Update:

  • Tekika, Telos’ interactive NFT project that gamifies user engagement with the network, is advancing with a finalized artist collaboration and upcoming brand partnerships, to add to its unique, journey-driven approach designed to reward users for their interactions within the Telos ecosystem. 
  • The first Tekika community event is being planned, with full details being released soon. 

Telos’ Executive Director John Lilic on the South-East Asian Events Strategy:

  • John Lilic plans to focus on the dynamic South-East Asian market, starting with events in Tokyo, Japan and expanding to other major cities, targeting developers and the business development community.
  • The strategy includes localizing content, engaging with local communities in their languages, forming strategic partnerships, and creating opportunities with developers.

Telos’ Chief Marketing Officer Peter Nguyen breaks down the Conference Designation Methodology:

  • Peter Nguyen outlined a comprehensive marketing strategy for 2024, focusing on attending 40-45 strategically selected events, including tech-based conferences, gaming conferences, and community-centric events as the core focuses.
  • Special emphasis on ETHCC and ETH Belgrade events as diamond sponsors to enhance Telos' visibility and network growth, while promoting several key product releases aligned with these two event dates.

What are the Major Communciation Focuses for each Quarter?

The Telos Foundation’s core marketing strategy for 2024 is focused on supporting and reinforcing the core values of Branding, Positioning, Original Content, Product Marketing and Community. As the Telos Evolved roadmap continues to deliver, Telos will be providing end-to-end marketing coverage for each milestone including the ZK SPP whitepaper, the K2-18 whitepaper and subsequent releases.

  • Q1 focuses on community engagement, including the launch of DAO Labs and the Telos Community Hub.
  • Q2 will see the go-to-market for Tekika, with a series of events and ecosystem engagement activities.
  • Q3 will emphasize gaming, coinciding with the launch of the K2-18 sidechain.
  • Q4 is aimed at scaling, leveraging the year's progress in community, gaming, and network developments.

What’s Next?

In wrapping up the Telos Evolved 03 Town Hall, the focus for 2024 is clear: to execute a global marketing strategy that includes participation in over 40 events aimed at highlighting Telos' innovation and community-centric ethos. 

Key upcoming milestones include the release and marketing of the Zero-Knowledge and K2-18 whitepapers, with a continuous emphasis on community engagement, product marketing, and strategic event participation. These efforts are designed to elevate Telos' unique features and superior performance while supporting our mission to bring Telos to the forefront of the global blockchain community.

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