Telos Foundation Announces Integration of Oxya Origin into its Gaming Ecosystem

February 12, 2024
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The Telos Foundation is pleased to announce the integration of Oxya Origin into the Telos Gaming Ecosystem. This collaboration combines Telos' robust blockchain technology with Oxya Origin's innovative game development approach, enriching the Telos ecosystem with additional quality gaming experiences.

About Oxya Origin

Oxya Origin, incubated by Ubisoft, is developing a range of games that include shooter, strategy, and exploration genres, utilizing technologies such as AI & Machine Learning, Web3 & blockchain, and Unreal Engine 5’s Lumen & Nanite features. Oxya Origin has built a significant community of over 200,000 Web3 gamers, successfully raising upwards of 7 million USD from its digital collectible avatars and generating more than 13K ETH from secondary market sales.

Oxya Origin aims to bridge Web2 and Web3 gaming, combining traditional gameplay and storytelling with user ownership, governance, and player empowerment. Its approach to game development and an integrated ecosystem accessible across platforms is designed to bring the game3 industry to the mainstream.

The Value of Oxya Origin to Telos

Oxya Origin’s integration into the Telos Gaming Ecosystem is expected to bring significant value. Oxya Origin’s experienced team, advanced product, and large community will enhance gaming experiences on Telos and provide a fresh influx of passionate community members. Their development philosophy aligns with Telos' goals of providing scalable, secure, and privacy-centric blockchain solutions ready for everyday applications.

Oxya Origin will leverage Telos' transaction speeds of 15,200 TPS and its secure, privacy-focused technology to support its Web3 gaming innovations, offering a secure environment for players’ digital assets and in-game activities.


The partnership between Telos and Oxya Origin signifies a strategic alliance aimed at enriching Telos' gaming ecosystem and offering Oxya's community a more secure, reliable, and swift gaming experience. This collaboration merges Telos' advanced technological infrastructure with Oxya Origin's innovative gaming solutions, set to provide players with an enhanced and secure gaming experience. It underscores our dedication to fostering the growth of blockchain gaming by harnessing the combined capabilities of Telos and Oxya Origin.

We welcome Oxya Origin to the Telos Gaming Ecosystem and are looking forward to a future of collaborative success in blockchain gaming.

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About The Telos Foundation
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