Telos Foundation Announces New CEO: Focusing on Innovation and Growth

November 20, 2023
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Welcoming Lee Erswell as the new Telos Foundation CEO

The Telos Foundation is evolving and as a part of that, undergoing a leadership transition, with Lee Erswell voted in as the new CEO. This move is in line with the Foundation’s focus on continuous innovation, sustainable growth, and community involvement, as initiated by former CEO Justin Giudici.

During his tenure, Justin effectively navigated industry challenges and shaped the organization’s trajectory and will continue to stay on leading investor relations and core strategy. The leadership handover to Lee Erswell signifies a sustained effort in the next stage of Telos’ evolution, introducing fresh ideas and renewed energy.

Lee Erswell: Background and Vision

Lee Erswell brings a varied background in the blockchain and DeFi sectors to his new role at Telos. His experience includes significant contributions at Swapsicle and a deep understanding of community engagement in the Web3 space. His journey in blockchain spans more than six years, encompassing roles in investment, education, advising, and leadership. This breadth of experience contributes to his collaborative and ethical leadership approach.

Views from Telos Leadership

Justin Giudici: “The last two (plus) years have been an exhilarating ride and the team has always found ways to pull through despite incredibly tough challenges for both Telos and the industry. It’s been a rewarding and yet also a tiring journey — definitely a marathon that requires new blood and change along the way! With that, I’m incredibly excited to hand the CEO baton to Lee who will bring a great new energy to the position. Lee has strong leadership qualities, and incredible energy so I know he will be able to help the network navigate in what will be a significant growth period as we move into a new adoption wave; I’m eager to support Lee and Telos in this new chapter.”

George Vernon: “From collaborating on the launch of Swapsicle on Telos at the beginning of 2023, to working with Lee on forming the future vision of Telos — it was clear to me that he has the leadership, energy and web3 knowledge that is needed to elevate Telos many steps forward so that we start competing and collaborating with the largest names in blockchain and enterprise. Lee joining Telos signifies a new era for Telos and a graduation from the chapter we have been in. To say I’m fired up is an understatement. Let’s go!”

J.T Buice: “It is my privilege to join my esteemed colleagues in welcoming Lee Erswell as our new CEO; it is evident to me that Lee’s arrival marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our story. Lee’s deep involvement in the ecosystem coupled with his insights as a Telos Guardian have been nothing short of inspiring, fostering confidence in the direction Telos is headed now under his stewardship. As we navigate the intricate landscape of Web3 and embrace the next wave of adoption, Lee’s leadership signifies not just a transition but a transformation — a step into a realm of greater possibilities and achievements for Telos.”

Impact on the Telos Community

The Telos ecosystem is evolving across three foundational pillars: Technology, Utility and User Experience, under the leadership of Lee Erswell. Here’s how these pillars are being strengthened:


  • Developers: Lee is committed to enhancing the technological environment for DApp development, making Telos a more attractive platform for builders. This involves providing developers with advanced tools and resources to ensure success.
  • Securing the Network: Lee will provide critical oversight into infrastructure development aimed at supporting the demands of the future through ultimate scalability and privacy through enabling novel ZK technology on Telos.


  • General Users: Telos aims to turn $TLOS into an Ultra Active Asset by providing robust and increasing utility for the TLOS token through the evolution of the upcoming Telos Roadmap. Our goal is to ensure interactions within the ecosystem are secure, efficient, and rewarding. This includes the development of creative financial solutions and a focus on platform efficiency and security.
  • Stakeholders: The strategic growth plans aim to improve the utility of Telos for stakeholders, ensuring its long-term success and sustainability. This includes a commitment to real token utility and value enhancement.

User Experience:

  • General Users: The focus is on improving the overall user experience by making every interaction within Telos more rewarding and efficient. This involves providing the necessary tooling, unified user experience, speed, costs and finality to achieve a user experience necessary for onboarding and engaging all levels of user.
  • Ecosystem: Lee’s leadership aims to create a more vibrant and user-friendly ecosystem. This includes the continued integration of Gaming and NFTs into the Telos ecosystem, fostering an environment that encourages imagination and engagement.

Lee’s Message to Telos Stakeholders:

“Watch this space! I’m thrilled to lead Telos into a future of growth, development, and vibrant community engagement. The journey ahead promises to be nothing short of exciting. In 2024, we have big plans and even bigger ambitions for Telos. Together, we will harness the power of technology, community, and innovation to unlock new possibilities and shape the future of blockchain.

I invite you to join us on this remarkable journey. Whether you’re a longstanding member of the Telos community or exploring the potential of our blockchain for the first time, know that we are committed to excellence, transparency, and continuous progress. The year 2024 is poised to be a transformative one for Telos, and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.

Thank you for your trust and support. Stay tuned for what’s to come because the future of Telos is brighter than ever!”


As Lee Erswell takes the helm, the Telos Foundation is poised to enter a new era of excellence and innovation. His expertise in the blockchain landscape, combined with a commitment to community and technological advancements, aligns strongly with Telos’ vision.

The Telos Foundation invites the community and stakeholders to be part of our evolution. With Lee’s guidance, Telos aims to redefine the scope of blockchain technology and make decentralized finance more accessible and transformative.

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About The Telos Foundation
Telos is a growing network of networks (Layer 0) enabling Zero Knowledge technology for ultimate scalability and privacy to support all industries and applications. The expanding Telos ecosystem includes over 1.2 million accounts, hundreds of partners, and numerous dApps. Launched in 2018 Telos is known for its impeccable five-year record of zero downtime and is home to the worlds fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine, the Telos EVM. Telos is positioned to lead enterprise adoption into the world of borderless Web3 technology and decentralized solutions.