Telos Foundation & Goldsky: Evolving Developer Support and Infrastructure

December 21, 2023
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The Telos Network is pleased to announce we’ve integrated with Goldsky, aimed at bolstering the capabilities and support for our application developers and thereby encouraging further growth of the Telos ecosystem.

Key Features of the Partnership:

Data indexing support and deployment:

  • The Telos Foundation (TF) is committed to supporting our application developers by enabling the deployment and usage of high-performance data indexing.
  • This integration empowers developers with serverless access to Goldsky’s advanced Subgraph and Mirror infrastructure.
  • Goldsky allows Telos developers to index data via Subgraphs and replicate Telos data into their own infrastructure via Mirror for greater flexibility and control.
  • As part of our integration with Goldsky, developers can now utilize up to three subgraphs and store up to 100,000 entities for free.
  • Goldsky offers advanced capabilities to Telos developers that are not otherwise readily available such as webhooks, no-code subgraphs, and multi-chain subgraphs.
  • Goldsky allows for 50 requests per 10 seconds on Subgraph endpoints (limits can be raised on a case-by-case basis) and does not charge on a per-query basis.

Ecosystem support:

  • Goldsky is providing 24/7 on-call engineering and customer success to manage any critical issues, with a 48-hour response time SLA on developer inquiries.
  • In addition to this, Goldsky is building out Telos-specific documentation pages, including a quick-start guide to streamline developer onboarding. 

Public datasets via

  • Archival chain-level Telos datasets will be freely and openly hosted on, available for anyone to download and use without an account.
  • This offline-first approach enables large-scale analytics that would be cost-prohibitive on cloud platforms, enabling more sophisticated research and development on Telos.
  • serves data on 8+ EVM and non-EVM chains and serves hundreds of TB of data downloads per month, primarily in emerging markets.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement:

Acknowledging the demand for graph-node support and enhanced data accessibility, we have fast-tracked the integration of Goldsky’s services, ensuring that we meet the evolving needs of our developers. Subgraph support is already live on Goldsky with Mirror coming soon. This partnership with Goldsky represents our dedication to providing robust and efficient solutions to our developer community.

About Goldsky:

Goldsky is Web3’s realtime data platform, giving developers access to world-class data infrastructure to power their onchain applications. With lightning-fast indexing, resilient subgraphs, and flexible data streaming pipelines, Goldsky lets you spend less time on infra and more time building core UX. Goldsky subgraphs are optimized to improve querying performance, giving you realtime data access while handling complexities like reorgs & RPC failures automatically. Mirror allows you to sync onchain data directly into your existing database setup for custom usage across your frontend or backend. Battle-tested at scale by top projects like POAP, Aave, and Hashflow, Goldsky remains the indexing partner of choice for leading blockchains including Arweave, Immutable, Mode, Telos, Stellar, Zora, and more.

For more information and detailed resources, developers are encouraged to visit:

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