Telos Foundation Welcomes Blockchain Visionary John Lilic as Executive Director

January 4, 2024
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An in-depth look at how former Consensys and Polygon contributor John Lilic plans to leverage his blockchain expertise for Telos' strategic growth.

The Telos Foundation has officially announced the appointment of John Lilic, a prominent figure in the blockchain and digital asset sector, as its new Executive Director. Lilic brings a wealth of experience to Telos, including his notable contributions at Consensys and Polygon, where he played a key role in developing influential technologies like MetaMask. His expertise in blockchain technology and his status as a Top 50 Web3 Angel Investor will be instrumental in guiding Telos' transition into a Layer 0 network, utilizing cutting-edge Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology.

Lilic's career in blockchain began at the Bitcoin Center NYC in 2014, followed by his tenure at Consensys, one of his first major professional engagements in the field. His advisory role at Polygon contributed significantly to its rise as a leading cryptocurrency. At Telos, Lilic aims to replicate this success, addressing challenges related to product development and network growth and providing invaluable advisory.

In his new role, Lilic will serve as the public face of the Telos Foundation, engaging in global outreach at various conferences and events. He will play a pivotal role in forming strategic partnerships and guiding the foundation's initiatives in technology development, grants, research, budgeting, and education. Collaborating closely with CEO Lee Erswell and former CEO Justin Giudici, now Head of Strategy, Lilic is set to spearhead efforts in enhancing Telos' market presence and growth potential.  John's decision to join the Telos Foundation stems from his belief in the opportunity and potential impact he can have in achieving the foundation's goals. As such, he will not be accepting a salary until Telos has reached its organizational goals thereby demonstrating his conviction and commitment to transparency within the community.

Commenting on his appointment, Lilic expressed enthusiasm for applying his extensive experience to further Telos' success, emphasizing the development of products with ZK Proof technology and network expansion saying, “I'm looking forward to applying my extensive experience and insights from my time with the Bitcoin Center NYC, ConsenSys, Polygon and other successful ventures. My goal is to help steer Telos on a path to success by focusing on product development with novel ZK Proof technology and expanding our network capabilities and usage, thereby ensuring Telos thrives in this ever-evolving industry.”

Lilic's first act as Executive Director involves donating headline sponsorship for ETHCC 2024 to Telos, along with an additional sponsorship at ETH Belgrade 2024. These events will serve as critical platforms for showcasing Telos' upcoming ZK technology releases and expanding its European influence.

In addition, the Telos Foundation, under Lilic's guidance, plans to establish an external advisory board comprising top-tier talent in 2024. CEO Lee Erswell welcomed Lilic, highlighting his alignment with the foundation's objectives and his anticipated impact on advancing a sustainable and equitable blockchain ecosystem. “We are delighted to welcome John Lilic to the Telos Foundation. His expertise and vision align perfectly with our goals, and we are confident that his leadership will propel us to new heights in our mission to develop a more sustainable and equitable blockchain ecosystem."

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