Telos Network April Recap: Integrations, Product Updates, Events and Community

April 30, 2024
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As we near the end of April, it's time to reflect on the achievements we've made together. This month has been marked by significant milestones, from our major announcement regarding the upcoming hardware-accelerated zkEVM Layer 2 network to exciting integrations that enhance our ecosystem. Additionally, we've rolled out important product updates and actively sponsored & participated in major crypto events around the world.

Let's recap the highlights of April and look ahead to what's coming up.

Major Announcement


Telos Started the Development of a Hardware-Accelerated zkEVM L2 Ethereum Network

During TOKEN2049, Telos made a groundbreaking announcement unveiling its partnership with Ponos Technology to develop a hardware-accelerated zkEVM Layer 2 Ethereum network. This collaboration aims to revolutionize Ethereum's scalability and efficiency by integrating cutting-edge hardware-software solutions.  Telos will work closely with key partners like Ponos, Digital M.O.B., ATKA, and Cometh to bring this vision to life. Stay tuned for updates leading up to ETHCC in July, where Telos will showcase the SNARKtor POC live for the first time ever.

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New Integrations


Tokeny to Enhance Multi-Chain Tokenization Capabilities to Telos Ecosystem

Telos has integrated with Tokeny, a leading tokenization platform, to enhance multi-chain tokenization capabilities. This partnership will integrate Telos EVM into Tokeny's platform, allowing users to issue and manage digital securities efficiently. The collaboration aims to provide speed, efficiency, compliance, and flexibility to users, fostering growth and innovation in both ecosystems.

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zkEra Finance Brings Advanced Trading Solutions to Telos Ecosystem

Telos has integrated with zkEra Finance, a decentralized trading platform focusing on minimal swap fees and zero price impact trading. This partnership introduces advanced trading functionalities like leverage trading up to 50x and unique multi-asset pools to the Telos ecosystem. zkEra's expertise in perpetual trading and DeFi mechanics enriches Telos, attracting a broader user base and enhancing the network's DeFi landscape

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KGeN Links Telos to a Vibrant Community of Over 2.6 Million Users

Telos partners with KGeN, the largest gaming guild in Asia, to tap into its vast community of over 2.6 million users. This collaboration aims to address gaming industry challenges like bot activity by introducing verifiable player profiles and the Clan Chief program. By leveraging KGeN's UI/UX expertise, Telos showcases its tech stack for Web3 game development, attracting new gamers and enhancing community engagement. KGeN, through its P.O.G. Engine, aims to onboard micro-gaming communities to Web3, fostering seamless interaction among gamers and developers via the KGEN network.

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Kuma Now Brings Tokenized Real-World Assets (RWAs) in ERC-20 Format to the Telos ecosystem

Telos has partnered with Kuma to introduce tokenized Real-World Assets (RWAs) in ERC-20 format to the Telos ecosystem. This integration enables Telos community members to access traditional assets in a permissionless manner. Key benefits include access to a variety of tokenized RWAs for diverse investment opportunities, permissionless participation in financial markets for all Telos users, and enhanced liquidity and yield options to enrich the Telos ecosystem. Welcome to the #Telos family, Kuma!

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DexScout Brings AI-powered, Unbiased Trading Data to Telos

DexScout, Nexan coin's flagship product, is an AI-powered crypto trading data aggregator that provides unbiased charting and comprehensive trading data across multiple chains. It offers real-time price charts and trading history, enhancing trading strategies and enabling exploration of more pairs on the Telos network.

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DIA Makes Data and Oracle Infrastructure Available on Telos

dApps building on Telos EVM can now utilize DIA oracles to obtain up-to-date asset price information. These deployed oracles are suitable for use in production environments. The oracle come with a predefined list of 10 assets including USDC, USDT, ETH, BTC and TLOS.

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Bridging RWA & DeFi with Native Omnichain Stablecoin Integration

This collaboration represents a significant milestone in bridging the gap between Real-World Assets (RWA) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). By integrating USDV as a native stablecoin within our network, we are enhancing the stability and interoperability of our ecosystem. Users will benefit from added stability through asset backing, omnichain interoperability, and enhanced transparency with real-time tracking and ColorTrace technology. This partnership marks a crucial step forward in providing our community with access to diverse financial instruments while maintaining the security and efficiency of blockchain technology.

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TCD Update

Network Performance

In a continuous commitment to enhance transparency regarding network statistics, the TCD has been monitoring essential metrics. This endeavor will facilitate the recognition of potential trends within Telos blockchain. We plan to expand the range of metrics tracked as time progresses.

TCD Development Updates

EVM 1.5 Updates

  • Deploy ERC1967 Proxy for TLOS OFT Contracts: Upgraded and redeployed the native TLOS OFT contracts, improving their flexibility and upgradeability. 

Teloscan Updates

  • API Integration and Refactoring: Teloscan undergoes substantial advancements by replacing RPC calls with the Indexer API in key components, improving performance and maintenance.
  • Enhanced UI/UX: All pages receive a substantial upgrade in terms of design and usability, ensuring a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience.
  • Improved Contract and Transaction Handling: Teloscan enhances its handling of NFT metadata and transaction page transfers, with features like partial loading and highlighting native withdrawals & deposits.
  • Responsiveness and Accessibility: Various pages are optimized for responsiveness across different devices, ensuring better accessibility for users.
  • Functionality Enhancements: New features include token list sorting, ERC1155 transfer handling, and improvements in contract interaction, enhancing overall functionality and user experience.

Translator/RPC Updates

  • Chainlink Node Deployment on Testnet: Established a Chainlink node on testnet to expand our integration capabilities with external data sources.
  • RPC 2.0 Development: Made substantial advancements in the development of the RPC 2.0, aimed at enhancing system interaction and reliability.

zkEVM Proof of Concept Progress

  • zkEVM Rust Battleship Demo: Continued development and testing on the zkEVM rust battleship demo to showcase advancements in integrating zero-knowledge proofs.
  • Frontend Development for Battleship Demo: Completed development and adaptation of the frontend for the zkEVM rust battleship demo, enhancing user interface and interaction with the zkEVM technology. 
  • Deployment and Testing: Successfully deployed and tested the rust-based battleship contract (without zk proof), marking significant progress in the practical application of zkEVM on the Telos blockchain.

Current Priorities

  • Service Migration: Continued migration of DNS, redirects, and load balancers from AWS to Cloudflare to enhance scalability and reliability.
  • Chainlink node deployment: Further to the testnet deployment, deploy all services and infrastructure for Telos Mainnet

Ongoing Development Focus Streams

  • Backend Performance Optimization: Ongoing efforts to optimize backend performance for Teloscan, ensuring that the API and data handling processes are as efficient as possible.
  • EVM Feature Development: Continuous development and deployment of features related to EVM 1.5 and the building out of capabilities for EVM 2.0 to enhance the developer experience.



Telos at Token 2049 in Dubai 2024

Telos was proud to become a the platinum sponsor at the @festival_web3 event in Hong Kong, which took place from April 6 to 9. With a lineup featuring 160 projects, 100 media entities, and over 300 speakers, the event served as a focal point for discussions surrounding Web3 and blockchain technologies. Attendees had the opportunity to engage directly with the Telos team and gain firsthand insights into chain. Additionally, Mr. John Lilic gave keynote speech on April 9 showcasing SNARKtor.

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Telos at Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024

Telos was proud to become a the platinum sponsor at the @festival_web3 event in Hong Kong, which took place from April 6 to 9. With a lineup featuring 160 projects, 100 media entities, and over 300 speakers, the event served as a focal point for discussions surrounding Web3 and blockchain technologies. Attendees had the opportunity to engage directly with the Telos team and gain firsthand insights into chain. Additionally, Mr. John Lilic gave keynote speech on April 9 showcasing SNARKtor.

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A Big Shoutout to our Community!

And countless more! Your invaluable contributions truly make a difference in our community.

Thank you!!!  

Looking Forward

In the upcoming month of May, anticipate the following developments:

  • Introduction of our zk Team through our latest podcast series
  • Rollout of numerous exciting integrations
  • Implementation of new product updates
  • Preparation by our team for ETH Belgrade
  • And a plethora of additional initiatives to come!

Final Thoughts

As we look forward to an exciting future, the Telos Network continues to innovate and expand, solidifying our position as a leader in blockchain technology and community engagement. Stay tuned for more updates and developments in the coming months.

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