Telos Network Partners with Unizen: Increasing Interoperability and Fostering Ecosystem Growth

March 12, 2024
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Telos is excited to announce our partnership with Unizen, which will see the upcoming integration of Telos EVM within the Unizen aggregator. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as Telos becomes the 10th network to join Unizen's expansive ecosystem. The forthcoming integration is set to enable seamless cross-chain swaps to and from Telos EVM, enhancing interoperability and efficiency for users. Furthermore, this partnership is aimed at mutual ecosystem expansion, benefiting both communities through strategic introductions, collaborations, and marketing efforts.

About Unizen

Unizen represents a new class of DEX aggregator that provides immediate access to over 20,000+ assets across 9 networks. Its innovative trade-splitting algorithm enables Unizen to outperform other leading aggregators by optimizing both liquidity and interoperability for seamless and cost-efficient single and cross-chain swaps. Unizen's growth is driven by several factors, including its user-friendly and seamless interface that enhances the user experience, making it accessible and efficient. Additionally, the wide range of assets available on Unizen makes it an appealing platform, offering users a diverse selection to engage with. Strategic partnerships also play a vital role in Unizen's expansion, with collaborations that integrate the Unizen API for token swaps extending its reach and utility.

Unizen is also in the process of developing an innovative Layer 1 solution, anticipated to bring significant advancements to the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. This development aims to enhance the utility of its tokens, promising new capabilities and efficiencies for its platform users and the broader DeFi community.

Unizen Tokenomics

The ZCX token of Unizen is designed with a hyper-deflationary model, linking its value directly with the trade volume processed through the Unizen trade engine. The tokenomics include a dual burn mechanism, with initial burns for every trade and a strategy for continual supply reduction through token buy-back and burning after the initial 100 million ZCX tokens pool is depleted.

Token Utility and Benefits

ZCX tokens provide multiple utilities and benefits, including:

  • Staking on Unizen Earn: ZCX token holders can stake their tokens on Unizen Earn to receive rewards in various cryptocurrencies, enhancing flexibility and profitability for users.
  • Profit Sharing: ZCX stakers or holders conducting trades through Unizen's engine receive a share of Unizen's profits, ensuring a beneficial trading environment where users can gain 100% of the revenue from their conducted trades.
  • Gas Fees on Unizen Layer 1: The upcoming Layer 1 will utilize ZCX tokens for gas fees, further integrating the token into the platform's ecosystem.

Partnership Benefits

  • Expansion of Unizen's Ecosystem: Telos will become the 10th network to join Unizen's platform, enhancing Unizen's interoperability and access to a broader asset pool.
  • Mutual Ecosystem Expansion: This collaboration aims for mutual growth through strategic introductions, collaborations, and marketing efforts.
  • Enhancement of Unizen's Offerings: The integration strengthens Unizen's position as a leading DEX aggregator, enriching its innovative trade-splitting algorithm and offering users seamless and cost-efficient swap options.
  • Benefits to Both Communities: Members of both Unizen and Telos communities gain access to a wider range of assets, improved trading efficiencies, and a more interconnected ecosystem.

In conclusion, the partnership between Unizen and Telos, highlighted by the upcoming integration of Telos EVM, is set to enrich both platforms' ecosystems. This collaboration underscores the enhancement of community experiences and contributes to the broader growth and efficiency of the decentralized finance sector, showcasing how strategic partnerships can propel innovation and accessibility within DeFi.

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