The Telos Blockchain Announces its Strategic Partnership With StreamNFT.

March 19, 2024
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Telos announces strategic partnership with StreamNFT. StreamNFT enhances NFT utility with a liquidity layer through its offerings, such as peer-to-peer renting and loans. 

Key offerings of StreamNFT:

NFT Rental Features: 

Guild Onboarding, Private Rentals, Custom Payment Token, Partner Fees, Trial NFTs.

Composable Contracts: 

Instantly take loans, put them on rent, and maximize returns from NFT assets simultaneously.

Utility Portal: 

Supercharge NFT with post-mint utility offering, share rewards/utility to NFT holders to enhance engagement.

ERC-7066 Use-Cases: 

Ephemeral/Consumable NFTs with time/use-based expiry, Access-based NFT Mandate, Partial payment at Mint, etc.

Supporting Developers and Players on Telos

The partnership with StreamNFT provides Telos’ Web3 game developers and players with enhanced capabilities.

For Developers: 

Developers gain access to StreamNFT’s advanced tools for creating immersive and rewarding gaming experiences. The integration of NFT financialization tools, like rentals and loans, into games empowers developers to forge sustainable in-game economies and innovative reward mechanisms within the Telos ecosystem.

For Players: 

This collaboration opens up novel avenues for players to fully monetize and leverage their NFTs. From generating passive income through NFT rentals to obtaining instant liquidity with collateral-free loans, players can now enjoy a more accessible and financially beneficial gaming experience.

NFT Utility Portal: 

StreamNFT’s NFT Utility Portal on Telos enables developers to easily add post-mint utilities to their games, thereby enhancing player loyalty and enriching the gaming experience. The portal facilitates the quick and cost-effective rollout of new features, benefiting both gamers and brands within the Telos gaming ecosystem.


The partnership between Telos and StreamNFT reflects a commitment to advancing the Web3 ecosystem. Utilizing StreamNFT's infrastructure, the collaboration seeks to create new opportunities for developers and players. 

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