TCD Product Update: Teloscan

April 10, 2024
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The Telos Core Developers are excited to announce an upcoming update for Teloscan, aligning with the release of EVM contract version 1.5. This update significantly enhances the platform's efficiency and user experience.

API Integration and Refactoring: 

We've made substantial advancements in replacing RPC calls with the Indexer API in key components of Teloscan, including the main transactions table, transaction pages (general, logs, details, internal transactions tabs), the main account page, and account transfers pages. The contract manager has also been refactored for improved performance and maintenance. Additionally, the Teloscan update integrates our NFT metadata scraper that retrieves, optimizes and saves NFT images, enhancing web performance as a frontend culmination of various backend services improvements.

A More Intuitive and Enjoyable User Experience: 

There is a substantial upgrade to the UI and User Experience, all pages have been reworked and re-styled.

Contract and Transaction Handling: 

We've enhanced the handling of NFT metadata and transaction page transfers, including features like partial loading and highlighting native withdrawals & deposits. Fixes and improvements in ERC20 & ERC721 contract handling, such as adding holders, NFTs list, and approval lists, are also part of this update. With these changes, ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 transfer data will now include the display of approvals on the transaction page. The contract interaction now supports common interfaces like ERC20, ERC1155, and ERC721. Soon after we expect to include Proxy Contract support.

Responsiveness and Accessibility: 

We have focused on improving the responsiveness of various pages, including the transaction and account pages, ensuring better accessibility across different devices. 

Miscellaneous Improvements: 

Various other enhancements include improved JSON printing, the addition of event and function signatures, and fixes for issues related to internal transactions and contract interactions.

Language and Localization: 

We have updated our support for multiple languages, addressing issues with translated text and updating language files for German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Functionality Enhancements: 

New features include token list sorting, handling of ERC1155 transfers, support for batch transfers, and improvements in contract interaction, like adding bytecode display and making contract code sections collapsible. The update also emphasizes allowance management, reflecting its importance in the overall user experience.

Health Monitoring Integration:  

Our health monitor now features enhanced integration with categories and more logging levels, including errors, alerts, and information, to provide a more comprehensive overview of system health.

This Teloscan update represents a significant step forward in refining and enhancing the Telos ecosystem. By addressing key areas of functionality, UI/UX, and accessibility, we continue to support the evolving needs of our users and developers, ensuring Telos remains a leader in blockchain innovation and usability.

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