zkEra Finance Brings Advanced Trading Solutions to Telos Ecosystem

April 24, 2024
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Telos has officially integrated with zkEra Finance, a decentralized trading platform that emphasizes minimal swap charges and zero price impact trading. This collaboration brings enhanced trading functionalities and DeFi solutions to the Telos ecosystem.

zkEra Finance: Providing Advanced Trading Solutions

zkEra Finance operates as a decentralized platform offering both spot and perpetual trading. 

What sets zkEra apart is its ability to support trades with up to 50x leverage directly from a user's wallet, an ideal feature for novice and experienced traders.

zkEra Finance introduces leverage trading for Telos (TLOS). Users can now take long or short positions on TLOS. This feature allows for advanced trading strategies, enhancing user ability to leverage market movements for potentially higher returns. It ensures robust liquidity and market engagement while maintaining the security and efficiency of blockchain transactions.

Additionally, the platform incorporates unique multi-asset pools that allow liquidity providers to earn fees from market making, swap fees, and leverage trading.

“I am thrilled to announce our partnership with ZkEra Finance, a leading decentralized perpetual exchange in the industry. We share a common foundation and DNA as community-driven projects. Our community members, who have eagerly awaited this collaboration, will now be able to take long and short positions on $TLOS. ZkEra Finance brings an incredible amount of expertise and knowledge to the table and we are extremely proud to have them join our ecosystem.” - Nicky Chalabi, Head of Telos Business Development 

Key features of zkEra Finance include:

Leverage Trading:

Users can engage in trades with up to 50x leverage.


Opportunities to stake $ZKE tokens and earn real yield.

Liquidity Provision:

Users can earn by providing liquidity with $ZLP tokens.

Additional Tools:

The platform offers a referral program, trading contests, and has plans to introduce copy trading.

Why zkEra Chose Telos

"As we evaluated potential partners, Telos stood out as the ideal choice for zkEra Finance. Its EVM compatibility aligns perfectly with our operational needs, ensuring seamless integration of our advanced systems. This collaboration allows us to offer our users fast, secure, and cost-effective transactions, crucial for the success of our trading mechanisms." - zkEra Team 

Contributions to the Telos Ecosystem

zkEra Finance is set to enhance the Telos blockchain by attracting a broader user base through its competitive trading features. By offering minimal swap fees and zero price impact trades, zkEra aims to serve as a gateway that introduces its existing users to Telos, thereby boosting the adoption and utilization of the Telos blockchain.

Moreover, zkEra’s expertise in perpetual trading, DeFi mechanics, and smart contract development will enrich the Telos ecosystem, benefiting other DeFi projects within the network.

Explore zkEra Finance on Telos Now

For more details on zkEra Finance and to explore their trading platform, please visit their website at https://zkera.fi/ and their app at https://app.zkera.fi/.

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