Telos Technical
Roadmap 2021

Telos technical roadmap 2021

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Telos Decide

The Telos flagship governance engine, Telos Decide, is the leading chain-level governance engine for dapps and DAOs to easily implement robust governance. Telos Decide will continue to be a major focus for Telos through ongoing development and new feature innovations, but the main focus will be to expand its adoption through better tools and interfaces. New projects on the technical roadmap (below) expected to foster growth include: Telos Wallet easy-to-use web wallet, Decide Voter mobile voting app, dStor decentralized storage to expand the functionality of Decide governance, and smart contract bridges allowing Telos Decide to be used as a deterministic voting platform for other blockchains connected to Telos via these bridges.

Benefits: Telos Decide has already proven its power to attract new dapps and DAOs to Telos. In 2021, new tools will turn this into a powerful voting platform for all kinds of organizations, driving increased adoption and value to the Telos blockchain.

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Telos Wallet

Beautiful, easy-to-use, and powerful web wallets drive adoption. Telos Wallet offers a no download sign in option and the easiest user experience for managing your telos assets. Throughout the year the web wallet team will integrate  functionality including Telos Decide voting and governance features, social features including NFTs, badges, friends lists, and more.

Development for 2021

Five key new projects and several supporting projects

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Released Q2 - Client Testing

dStor is a decentralized cloud storage platform like Filecoin or Siacoin in some respects and like Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud in others. Apps and users can store the files they need on dStor for fast reliable access from anywhere in the world. Storage node operators can earn TLOS as “miners” for dStor by providing excess storage and bandwidth to the system that incentivizes high performing nodes with higher pay. Users can pay in fiat currencies with credit cards so they don’t have the friction point and fluctuating prices of cloud storage systems that require customers to use tokens—making the system much more accessible to businesses outside the crypto world.

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Telos EVM

Telos EVM is an Ethereum virtual machine that runs Solidity contracts on Telos just like Ethereum, but faster, with higher capacity, around 1/100 of the cost of Ethereum gas fees and no front running. Developers deploy their Solidity smart contracts to Telos EVM without needing to modify the code. For certain types of Ethereum dApps that cannot support the huge gas fees that DeFi projects are creating on Ethereum, Telos EVM will be a godsend allowing them to continue to operate at a tiny fraction of the expense. At launch, Telos EVM will have a block explorer, Metamask integration, and dedicated history nodes to ensure reliability.

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Telos Private

Telos Private will enable completely private “zero knowledge proofs” transactions for Telos users. Telos Private will employ a separate sidechain with modified code to allow ZK transactions and bridges to and from Telos. The Telos chain, itself, will remain fully open, but users will be able to send any type of Telos-based tokens across bridges from Telos to the Telos Private sidechain, and then send private transactions back to Telos accounts. Since Telos will be linked to other blockchains like Ethereum, this allows users to add an easy to use private transactions to any chain connected to Telos. The sidechain will be decentralized and run by the Telos block producers (minus those who may have legal concerns about such activity based on their local laws) and selected based on Telos users’ voting. There are many important reasons to give users the ability to keep transactions private yet verifiable and Telos is going to support those users and developers who need this.

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Telos Location

Telos Location allows proof-of-location using the Telos blockchain, while paying users to do “location mining” for the system. Individual mobile device users, wifi hotspots and others can earn TLOS rewards for providing a web of location data that helps create cryptographically provable location data. This will be of incredible value not just to delivery companies, but anyone who needs to verify that they were in a specific place at a specific time. Maintenance crews, for example, can provide service on system and prove that they were there as claimed. This technology will be revolutionary for all types of businesses.

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Telos ID

Telos ID is an identity solution that combines two large needs for identity: first, it will help determine and rate the uniqueness of an individual’s accounts identity, second, it will allow a user to have others verify necessary information about them without leaking any additional information that the user does not specify. Ensuring an uniqueness of identity—meaning each real individual can reliably only have one—is crucial for both voting and UBI solutions. This supports the Telos vision for revolutionizing blockchain governance and providing a platform for universal basic income solutions. Allowing a user to provide specific information to an employer, landlord, or anyone, and have only that information verified, with no additional data leakage is an important privacy solution. Telos ID will be the first blockchain identity solution to address both of these needs.