Telos Arcade

Introducing the Telos Arcade Token,
a digital passport to our gaming frontier.

Gain exclusive access to Telos areas inside LandBox's open world gameplay.

Mint now

Earn exclusive access to Tarzan™ Speed Run with the Tarzan™ Token.

Token Mint

Video games have long been woven into our cultural tapestry, from the nostalgic charm of arcades to the household names of Pong and Mario. At Telos, we're channeling that collective passion to rekindle the thrill of gaming in the Web3 era. Introducing the Telos Arcade Token—a digital passport to our gaming frontier. Reminiscent of classic arcade tokens, this digital collectible grants you rewards simply for indulging in your favorite pastime: playing games.

Play. Earn. Own.

LVL 1 - Get $TAT

Connect to Telos EVM Mainnet via a Chainlist

Send some Telos to your Metamask Wallet.

Head on over to RocketX. Select the network you wish to send assets from (default is ETH) to Telos EVM.

Select the amount of funds you wish to send across.

Once swap is complete toggle Telos Mainnet on your Metamask to see the funds in your wallet.

50% OFF

From October 15- November 23, all swap fees are 50% off, this would be a great time to take advantage of this offer as there are more game related mints coming soon on Telos.

Go to Altura and connect your Telos EVM account via Metamask.

Select the Buy Button, and sign the transaction. (1 TLOS required for gas)

LVL 2 - Getting Started

Create an Elixir Account

Link Wallet to Elixir

Explore TelosEVM Games on Elixir Launcher


Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.
If you require any further assistance on your adventure please reach out to the community for support on Telegram.

What is the Arcade Token?

The Telos Arcade Token is a digital collectible that is your key to unlocking gaming rewards on chain. Through our partnership with Elixir, you will be eligible for $TLOS based rewards simply for playing your favorite games.

Why Mint?

You will need to have a Telos Arcade Token NFT in your wallet to be eligible for Telos gaming rewards. For a limited time, the NFT will be free to mint, after which the price will gradually increase. Mint now before prices go up and stay tuned for details on how to begin earning $TLOS for playing games.

What are the benefits?

Holding the Telos Arcade Token will enable any holders to be able to access the $TLOS based rewards on the Elixir platform. While it is not necessary to own the NFT to partake in the fun, it does add to the experience of being able to earn $TLOS while you explore the titles that are premiering on-chain. Along with the Telos Arcade Token, each game will have its own specific digital collectible that you will need to hold in conjunction to earn game specific rewards.