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BitGet - Cryptocurrency Wallet

A Web3 trading wallet.


Bitget Wallet is the ultimate Web3 multi-chain wallet, offering a comprehensive platform with wallet, Swap, NFT Market, DApp Browser, and Launchpad functionality. Supporting 90+ public chains, Bitget Wallet aggregates top DEXes and NFT markets to provide users with the best trading prices.

The NFT Market of Bitget Wallet is one of the largest marketplaces on BNB Chain and Polygon, with 220,000+ NFT collections and US$40+ million in trading volume. It utilizes a unique DESM encryption algorithm and shares a US$300 million Protection Fund with the Bitget Exchange, ensuring the security of user assets and transactions.

With its user-friendly features, the Bitget Web3 Wallet empowers users to engage with decentralized applications and digital assets, making it easier than ever to embrace the opportunities offered by the Web3 ecosystem.