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Eralend - Low Risk & Capital Efficient lending on zkSync

Lend and borrow crypto-assets with EraLend more efficiently than any existing solutions on market, thanks to the first decentralized lending protocol on zkSync.


EraLend is builtaround solving the most common and significant challenges currently facing the DeFi ecosystem. To encourage mass adoption, the aim is to improve capital efficiency and streamline the UX.

EraLend is an engine of the future DeFi lending market

EraLend is designed to maximize the capital efficiency while minimizing the risks associated with the dependency on external liquidity & oracles. This will allow users to lend and borrow crypto assets more efficiently than any existing solutions in the market. The protocol is powered by zkSync, one of the most secure ZK rollups with instant and super cheap transactions.

More Capital Efficient

Thanks to thier P2P design, the lenders will be able to get higher interest & borrowers will pay less interest rates.

Low Risk

Thier lending platform is less risky because it does not depend on oracle and liquidation (external liquidity).

The cheapest gas

Thanks to zkSync's low network congestion, they reduce gas costs significantly without losing sefety and control.

Instant transactions

By leveraging zkSync’s roll-up architecture, they provide instant transactions and extra-fast token transfers.