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Landbox - Creative Sandbox Game

LandBox is a virtual world where players can create items and own. Exploring the metaverse will provide you a new experience. New quests will be added for you to explore different areas or even interact with sponsored kiosks. Even if you don't like doing quests, you can still explore and meet other players in the world.


LandBox provides the open world concept for people to customize their land to attract other visitors. Each land has the option to make it public or private. Land owners will have more capabilities than customization in the future.

LandBox has a diverse range of game modes from the 3D version to a browser 2D version if you happen to try other game modes. Playing LandBox you can earn experience (CUBOLANDS) for your specific character and our native token $LANBX.

Players will get the opportunity to decorate. All items on the land are turned into NFTs. In the near future items will be able to be crafted and customized. Land owners will be able to create a unique experience on their land from creating minigames or sell/advertise on their land.

Future creations such as the dance club will be available, so players can create a playlist and become a DJ. Of course, a certain character ability will be required for this feature to work as well.