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Meridian - Decentralized Stable Coin & Perpetuals Trading Protocol

Meridian is a non-custodial, decentralised financial trading platform that offers interest-free stable coin borrowing, leverage trading and zero slippage swaps all in one place.


With Meridian users can trade whitelisted crypto assets with up to 50x leverage, obtain interest-free overcollateralised loans against ETH and earn interest, fees and rewards for supporting the protocol.

Meridian offers the best borrowing and trading conditions on the market with the main benefits being:

- 0% interest rate loans

- 50x Leverage Trading

- Zero-Slippage Swaps

How can Meridian offer interest-free borrowing?

Meridian charges a one-time borrowing and redemption fee that algorithmically adjust to ensure that the USD peg is maintained. For example: If more redemptions are happening (which means USDM is likely trading at less than 1 USD), then the borrowing fee would continue to increase, discouraging further borrowing.