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Elk Finance - Cross-chain Infrastructure Framework

Enjoy the security of ElkNet while building dApps, moving assets, and creating bridges. Elk’s infrastructure gives you the freedom to move between blockchains, frictionlessly.


ElkNet for cross-chain bridging

There are many blockchains for Web3 and DeFi participants, developers and users to choose from. Centralized exchanges and centralized bridges currently provide the pathways through which assets and data can move.

  • ElkNet moves assets and data between decentralized blockchains
  • ElkNet provides self-custodial bridging for projects and users
  • ElkNet is a cross-chain layer
  • ElkNet is highly secure
The ElkNet is the heart of our solution

Using a novel reservoir system, ElkNet smart contracts have eliminated fragmentation and token availability limitations that can limit cross-chain transfers. Tokens deployed on the ElkNet will immediately become native on supported chains.