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Fortis - The Coin of the People

Our current financial systems limit innovation and diminish the value of contributors. Fortis is on a mission to challenge that dynamic, empowering users to access the economy of Web 3.0.


Fortis is a financial movement, developing solutions that allow users to take control of their finances in an accessible way. Our goal is to bring DeFi to the masses and reward our community of visionaries as they build the economy of tomorrow.

The Fortis Ecosystem

Secure access to cryptocurrency solutions has restricted new users from harnessing the power of DeFi. Fortis is solving this with a suite of products that lower the barrier to entry for merchants and consumers. Our simple mobile app puts all of this in the hands of the user, free from the bias of traditional financial systems.

Powered by FORT

FORT is an essential part of the Fortis economy, enabling network transactions and rewarding holders in the process. Holders of FORT gain access to the innovative tools that Fortis offers. Additionally, an intuitive staking platform offers high APR rewards to those supporting Fortis on its mission to revolutionise DeFi.