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Launchifi - Cross-Chain Launchpad and Marketplace

Launch Anything in Web3 with No-Code. Own Your Smart Contract. 1 Click Deployment. Multi-Chain Compatibility. Automatic Dapp Integrations.


Launchifi is a startup company and community that aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3. They are building tools that allow anyone to start their own Web3-based project or company without the need for coding knowledge. Launchifi aims to empower entrepreneurs and developers with the tools necessary to create better smart contracts and dApps, while also aiding them in deploying their projects on their own terms. They offer advanced features for contracts, tokenomics, DeFi, and NFT collections that are always one step ahead of the trends. Their vision is to create a safer and more inclusive Web3 industry, through creating a trust-based system that eliminates the risk of bad actors taking advantage of creators, entrepreneurs, and users in the industry.