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Redstone - Oracle

Modular Oracles tailored to your dApp


RedStone delivers data you need at high-frequency and inherited security of the destination chain.

Use RedStone on all EVM L1s & L2s and beyond

Thanks to unique modular design, RedStone is available cross-chain including ZK and Optimistic L2s, plus roll-ups as a service.

Three Oracles models tailored to your needs

Choose data consumption model that fits best to your dApp with cryptographic security guarantees.

RedStone Core (Pull)

Lowest gas costs, a few seconds of latency, dApp users deliver signed data packages on demand to the destination chain.

RedStone Classic (Push)

Compatible with traditional Oracles, dApp gets full control over data source and update conditions (heartbeat and deviation threshold).

RedStone X (Zero-latency)

Front-running proof, tailored for sophisticated protocols like Perps & Options, based on GMX design.