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Xpell - Free-To-Play P2E MMORTS

Xpell is a free to play P2E MMORTS built on Telos blockchain. In this game you need to build, upgrade, expand your city buy using in-game resources. To make progress in the game you are required to compete with other players. You will be awarded by constructing and upgrading buildings with XPL token, which is valuable in the game and real world. However, the Xpell game is a blockchain game but, you aren't required to know a lots about blockchain, just sign in with your Google account and play!



Long story, briefly, in 2075 we detected space-time anomalies around Earth, caused by ultra small blackholes. Scientists couldn't find the origin of these blackholes, they were just watching them when they were get close to Earth.

They could push a way some of them, but one of them passed too close, and caused a lot of anomalies on Earth. Communications were lost for days and power plants were shouted down, you know, these were just early side effects. After days, we received many reports that lots of people were disappeared.

Unfortunately, I have to say you are one of them! You have to survive and escape from Xpell world by finding portals. Don't waste time!


1. Free to play

2. Play to earn

3. 4 different in-game market

4. Real money for winner of the rounds

5. Strategic concepts like attack, defense, alliance, support, farming,...

6. 17 different types of buildings

7. Players are allowed to choose any player to attack anyone on world map

8. Xpell has a beginning and an end, so there is no inflation in the game

9. After each round winners will be awarded!