Telos Network Q1 2024 Recap

May 3, 2024
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Greetings, Telos Community!

As the first quarter of 2024 concludes, we at the Telos Foundation are pleased to share our recent accomplishments and developments on the horizon. This update highlights key milestones, including strategic hires, tech advancements, and expanded partnerships. Join us as we review the progress made and preview the initiatives planned for the coming months.

‍🌟 Major Highlights of Q1 2024

This quarter marked a series of strategic achievements for us, laying a solid foundation for the year. We began by appointing John Lilic as our new Executive Director and advanced our innovation in zero-knowledge technology with the release of the SNARKtor whitepaper. These milestones, among others, have established the building blocks necessary to continue progressing along our 2024 roadmap.

John Lilic as Telos’ Executive Director: 

The Telos Foundation is pleased to announce John Lilic as its newly appointed Executive Director. With an extensive background in the blockchain domain, including significant roles at Consensys and Polygon, Lilic's appointment marks a pivotal moment for Telos. His contributions to the development of cornerstone technologies and his recognition as a leading Web3 angel investor position him uniquely to lead Telos in its evolution into a premier global Layer 0 network, leveraging the advanced capabilities of Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology. Stay up to date with John Lilic on X: @ChiefofTelos. 

SNARKtor: Revolutionizing SNARKs Verification

In partnership with IOHK, the Telos Foundation proudly presents the SNARKtor whitepaper. This decentralized protocol enhances the efficiency and security of SNARKs verification, paving the way for widespread blockchain adoption and developer innovation. 

Jerome De Tychey Joins as Technical EVM Advisor

Welcoming Jerome De Tychey, ETH France President and Cometh CEO, as the Technical EVM Advisor for Telos. Jerome's extensive experience and leadership in the blockchain space are invaluable as we continue to innovate and grow. Stay up to date with Jerome on X: @jdetychey

Telos EVM 1.5 Launch: 

Telos EVM 1.5 is now available. This update focuses on network scalability, developer tools, and performance, setting the stage for EVM 2.0. Features include debugging enhancements, expanded Solidity instruction set, performance improvements, and streamlined feature management. For more information, refer to our documentation.

Ana Ojeda: Leading Telos' Expansion in LATAM

We're excited to announce Ana Ojeda as our LATAM Brand Ambassador. Ana's deep expertise in the web3 space and her background as a crypto lawyer will be instrumental in our expansion efforts across Latin America.Stay up to date with Ana on X: @criptolawyer

Tekika Artist Reveal 

Tekika is a gamified NFT Airdrop Campaign, featuring artwork by renowned Peruvian artist Mute. Telos Network revealed this at Toronto's Goat Gallery, transforming it into a blue-lit underground cavern showcasing Mute's cyberpunk universe. The event included a raffle with prizes like rare art prints and NFTs, culminating in a vibrant dance party. Attendees connected deeply through Mute’s livestreamed discussion of his inspirations and upcoming projects.

Join the Tekika resistance here: 

Atka Partnership 

Telos Foundation announced a strategic partnership with Atka, a Web3 incubator based in Paris. This collaboration aimed to connect the Telos blockchain ecosystem with the Ethereum community in France and Europe, enhancing Telos' visibility and adoption. Atka, known for incubating influential Web3 projects, will help expand Telos' reach in Europe, providing new funding and networking opportunities for projects within the Telos ecosystem. This partnership was set to drive innovation and growth in Telos, both from a technological standpoint and from a community development standpoint. 

For more information on Atka, visit: 

As we move forward, these initiatives and strategic alignments are crucial in expanding our influence globally. 

🌐 New Integrations and Partnerships

DeFi Innovators:






Vapor Dex

Verified USD

Infrastructure & Tooling Pioneers: 

Ramp Network







NFT & Gaming Trailblazers: 

Oxya Origin



🏛 Telos Guardians 

We started the quarter on a strong note, welcoming new members to the Telos Guardians and focusing on amplifying our presence at key industry events. These highlights underscore the Guardians' active engagement in creating valuable partnerships and impact on the Telos network.

  • Each Guardian brings unique expertise:
    • Narek: traditional business insight
    • Stefano: extensive Web3 knowledge
    • Nicky: deep cross-ecosystem experience
  • The Guardians actively participate in events, as emphasized by the Telos Foundation (TF) in 2024:
    • Narek attended ETHDenver, enhancing Telos's presence and facilitating partnerships.
    • Nicky went to the Satoshi Roundtable in Dubai, introducing Telos to key attendees.
  • Upcoming event participation includes:
    • Brian Tse and Neo Rigi at Web3 Festival in Hong Kong.
    • Nicky in a BD role at Token2049 in Dubai.
  • Guardians are revising the Telos Guardians Bylaws:
    • Focus on clarifying "conflict of interest" and the Guardians' role in CEO selection.
    • Proposed changes will be submitted to the Telos community for discussion, followed by an on-chain governance proposal.
  • Structural and organizational changes to the Guardians:
    • Transition to bi-weekly meetings.
    • New roles: Ajinkya Jagtap as Chairperson, Narek as Vice-Chair, Neo as Secretary.
  • Lee Erswell, CEO of the Telos Foundation, has initiated monthly financial reports for Guardian review.
  • The Guardians continue to oversee and advise on major community concerns including:
    • K218 timing, roadmap and resources.
    • Marketing strategies for flagship events.
    • Potential exchange listings for the Telos token.

This quarter, the Telos Guardians welcomed new members and deepened our engagement in significant industry events, underlining their commitment to expanding our network's reach and influence. They also initiated key governance revisions and organizational changes, reinforcing our framework for future growth and community collaboration. Moving forward, the Guardians are poised to further enhance Telos's strategic positioning and governance

🚀 Looking Ahead to Q2

In the coming months, Telos will continue to actively engage in the blockchain community through key sponsorships and participation in global events. We are advancing our technology with Telos 2.0, which includes significant RPC enhancements for improved speed and compatibility. Our SNARKtor proof of concept is set to test a new approach to zero-knowledge scaling by aggregating multiple transaction proofs into a single proof. These initiatives are part of our commitment to practical, impactful developments.

Telos' Engagement in Global Premier Events: 

Telos is proud to have sponsored and participated in key events across South Asia, reinforcing our commitment to the blockchain ecosystem. Our announcements include:

  • Web3 Festival Sponsorship | Location: Hong Kong | Date: 6 April 
  • Token 2049 Title Sponsorship | Location: Dubai | Date: 18 April 
  • Eth Belgrade Super Sponsorship | Location: Belgrade | Date: 3 June |
  • Rust Summit Sponsorship | Location: Belgrade | Date: 6 June 
  • Eth CC Diamond Sponsorship | Location: Belgium | Date: 8 July 

Telos 2.0

  • In our ongoing commitment to technological excellence, Telos has initiated a major upgrade to our RPCs by forking Reth from Paradigm. 
  • This strategic move aims to achieve significant speed improvements and enhanced compatibility, aligning our EVM more closely with other EVMs in the ecosystem. 
  • The upgrade simplifies the operation of RPCs, leading to greater efficiency across the board.


  • A proof of concept for our zero knowledge scaling technology SNARKtor - Aggregation of multiple proofs for various transactions into a single, unique proof. 
  • The POC will allow us to test the viability of this technology.

Our active participation in global events and significant technological upgrades underscore our ongoing commitment to delivering practical, impactful developments that foster growth and connectivity.

💰 Telos Foundation Q1 Expenditure:

Telos Network Q1 2024 Expenses - Salaries


As the first quarter of 2024 concludes, the Telos Foundation has focused on engagement through key event sponsorships and technological enhancements, including the launch of Telos 2.0 and the SNARKtor proof of concept. These efforts aim to improve our infrastructure and extend our reach within the blockchain ecosystem. We appreciate the community’s support and look forward to further developments in the upcoming quarter.

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